Calls for restart

Stock markets and the euro falls. And the media continues struggling with the negotiations between the Greek government and the lenders which once again collapsed. This weekend’s “final” negotiations yielded no, and as usual, blaming the combatants to each other to live in different realities. “We will wait patiently until the institutions (EU, ECB and IMF) will be more realistic,” the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in one of the Greek newspapers the day after the last talk’s wreckage, calling lenders politically opportune. “We have no right to bury the European democracy at the place where it was born,” writes the left-wing leader Tsipras. Though the EU has certainly gone Greeks to the meeting, said an EU spokesman. And a lot of ministers calls for a restart.

Calls for restart

Now they are in a hurry again. French President François Hollande was therefore quick out and appealed to a rapid restart of negotiations. “We now have extremely tough deadlines. We are entering a period that can be turbulent if no agreement is reached, says Hollande during his visit on “the air show” outside Paris. Before the end of June Greece and lenders have a loan agreement in place in order for the Greeks to get the last necessary billions to meet the urgent need. On Thursday the 19 euro countries finance ministers meet in Luxembourg.


Stock market crash

The financial markets have learned to live with the Greek worries, but the situation has hardly improved over the weekend which caused stock markets worldwide to fall, not dramatically, but still. – It is true that the concern that the Greeks should leave the euro has increased, said currency analyst Shinya Harui at Nomura Securities. European Stock Exchanges and the Stockholm Stock Exchange falls by over one percent. Euro drops simultaneously, particularly against the dollar. Athens Stock Exchange plummets by seven percent, with bank shares as the main sinker.

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